-I got this set of 12 liquid lip glosses from my friend a while back and I’ve been loving it ever since!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES3ce-3concepteyes-korean-makeup-beauty-products-review-koreanmakeup-makeup-beauty-blog-swatches-swatch-beautyblog.JPG3CE (3 CONCEPT EYES) is a Korean makeup brand launched by STYLENANDA.

I am a big fan of Korean makeup and skincare so I was really happy to try these beauties out. But before I get into the details about the product itself, can we just stop for a second and focus on the packaging.. am I the only one obsessed with their logo? It is so simple yet so stylish, it definitely stands out in Korean shops full of cutesy products (which I don’t mind either).


Okay, back to the main topic, glosses.. if I had to classify them I would place them somewhere in between lip gloss and liquid lipstick.They are more pigmented and they don’t leave your lips with that overly glassy effect as lip gloss does, but they are not as pigmented and don’t dry in the same way as liquid lipstick.


If I was to choose my top three shades I would probably pick #03 , #09 and #11 (my all time favorite). #09 can seem a bit strong but on the lips it looks really delicate so I often use it as a nude when I want my eye makeup to stand out. #03 is a bright red which makes you look classy, suited either for casual-chic look or date night. #11.. what can I say, I wear it so often I’m already halfway through the bottle. At first I’d thought I wouldn’t use this orange colour on my lips but after I’ve put it on I changed my mind completely. Now it’s a part of my everyday makeup look.













3ce-3concepteyes-korean-makeup-beauty-products-review-koreanmakeup-makeup-beauty-blog-swatches-swatch-beautyblog-blogger-me-lips-lipstic-lipgloss-liquidlipgloss-3celip-gloss-makeup-blogger-me3ce-3concepteyes-korean-makeup-beauty-products-review-koreanmakeup-makeup-beauty-blog-swatches-swatch-beautyblog-blogger-me-lips-lipstic-lipgloss-liquidlipgloss-blogger-eyes-lashes3ce-3concepteyes-korean-makeup-beauty-products-review-koreanmakeup-makeup-beauty-blog-swatches-swatch-beautyblog-blogger-me-lips-lipstic-lipgloss-liquidlipgloss-blogger-me-3ceI think those lip glosses are perfect for everyday use. The bottle is so small you can easily take it with you on the go to touch up during the day, or even put it in a clutch for evening out. They are pretty long lasting but will wear off after eating or drinking so make use of the small size and put it in your handbag!

Overall I am happy with the quality and I like most of the shades from this set of 12. I got them as a gift but would I buy them after I ran out? My three favorites for sure! You can get all the 3CE products at STYLENANDA

Which shades did you like the most? Leave me a comment down below! Also if anyone knows if this brand tests on animals let me know! I really hope they don’t because I really like their products and want to try many more in the future.



I'm Ava, 23 year old psychology student from Gdańsk. Vegan for the animals, Mama of a beautiful puppy named Momo (who recently ate two pairs of my shoes). I love to travel, especially to South Korea. I’m interested in beauty, fashion and FOOD! I don’t like to be limited to one topic so this will be a lifestyle blog where I can share bits and bobs from my life with you. If you want to know more, head over to ABOUT and get to know me better!

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