I’m Ava, 23 year old psychology student from Gdansk, Poland.

(Some of you might be wondering now, if I’m from Poland, why the hell am I writing this in English then? Well I just love this language, so even though I will be making some grammar mistakes, just bear with me okay? :D)

Coming back to the subject, the things you should know about me.. hmm lets start from the basics. I am pretty indecisive but also a perfectionist so It is really hard for me to start something new. After I finally decide to do it, I overthink about every little detail which prevents me from really giving it a try or I get paralyzed with fear of making the wrong choice and give up. That’s why it took me until now (23) to decide what I really want to study and why I didn’t start a blog before.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to write and share my thoughts and opinions with the world but I doubted my choices too much and never really given it a shot. This past year I’ve really changed, I got more confident and sure in my choices. That doesn’t mean of course that I am not indecisive anymore or less of a perfectionist but I started challenging myself more and stopped letting small stuff prevent me from doing things I love and following my dreams.

Think of it this way. What is better, overthinking about all of the possibilities you have and that they might not  work out or you’re not good enough and never actually doing anything OR just giving them a try and seeing for yourself if that thing works for you? Don’t ever let a fear or lack of confidence stop you from living the life you want. Been there, done that and never gained anything from following this mindset. I know it is such a cliché but life really is too short for overthinking and doubting yourself. Of course things won’t always work out the way you want them to and of course you will make bad decisions, we are only human and everyone makes mistakes, but instead of letting it stop you from doing things let it motivate you to better yourself and reach your goals.

We often make draft first before sending an email, take cars for test drives before buying them and so on. It is normal for us to try things first and then making up our minds about them so why do we feel such a pressure to get it right the first time in life? Big decisions take time and it is almost impossible to decide on something before giving it a shot. So don’t feel pressured to make a perfect decision the first time, just try few different things and follow the ones that make you happy. Be confident in your choices, even bad ones, they teach us a lot and help us decide what we like.


This post was supposed to be just an introduction but now that I’m reading it, it looks like a little rant. Before I would be scared to post it because I would fear people judging me and I would doubt myself. I would delete it and start over with more vague and safe version of a self introduction. But that’s what came to my mind while writing so that’s what I’ll share with you today. Maybe I’ll encourage someone to look at life from a slightly different perspective and maybe not. Either way I enjoyed writing it and after all that’s what matters to me.

Thank you for reading this a bit chaotic post and see you next time!




I'm Ava, 23 year old psychology student from Gdańsk. Vegan for the animals, Mama of a beautiful puppy named Momo (who recently ate two pairs of my shoes). I love to travel, especially to South Korea. I’m interested in beauty, fashion and FOOD! I don’t like to be limited to one topic so this will be a lifestyle blog where I can share bits and bobs from my life with you. If you want to know more, head over to ABOUT and get to know me better!


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